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Be Your Own (S)expert

Be Your Own (S)expert is a belief that girls and women are their OWN experts on their lives-especially their sexual lives. I have decades of experience and research working with girls and women and found that women are told who they are, what they should want, and who they should be by many areas in their lives. Girls and women also have a lot of things that ‘just happen’ to them throughout their lives. With these two dynanics combined, women are often lost and confused about who they want to be and how to make that vision turn into reality.

Be Your Own (S)expert is the answer to that problem.

Be Your Own (S)expert views sexuality as multifaceted, fun, important and a positive aspect of our lives. I teach you in a systematic method how to become YOUR own expert on your life and particularly an expert of your sexual life. I teach you how to become your own (s)expert!

Be Your Own (S)expert is an e course series, workshop topics and retreat focused. Look out for the book coming out next year!

Be Your Own (S)expert E course

This is a 6 Week Online E-Course exploring the many facets of sex and sexuality that will fire-up your inner sex goddess.

Based on my popular 3 month course “Restructuring Female Sexuality”,  I’ve created a course to guide you through the many delicious and complex layers of sex and sexuality. You’ll be empowered to take control of your actions in the bedroom and beyond. Through 6 weeks of video lessons, worksheets and course work, you’ll explore the many layers that lie between you and your empowered sex goddess!

Be Your Own (S)expert Book Club

I love when women band together in sisterhood and form a book club (or e-course club) with my lessons! If you are interested in forming a group, this is the resource guide to help you get rolling. For a one time fee of $300, you receive:Dr. J 02

  1. A link to the e course series
  2. A guide for setting up the book club logistically
  3. Sample discussion questions and topics for each lesson
  4. A certificate template
  5. Playlist sample, drink and food recommendations.

A quick note…

I love to read your emails and devour your thoughts and experiences, and I try my best to reply to each and everyone of you beautiful souls but sometimes I am not able to reply to everything nor in the ideal timeframe! Please forgive me!

Also, although I am an License Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am not able to offer therapeutic advice, therapeutic services and am not acting as a therapist in my role within any services related to this website.



A two hour workshop that teaches all the things about female anatomy that we didn’t learn growing up. We explore what our parts are called, what they do, and how they work together to bring us pleasure.  We talk about our relationship with pleasure and our orgasm.


A two hour workshop focusing on our relationship and goals with desire and libido.  We discuss the desire wheel which includes the intersection of hormones, safety, turn ons and turn offs, body image and much more.

Body Image

A two hour workshop focusing on how body image relates to and affects our view of ourselves, our bodies and our sexuality. It is discussion based and peppered with fun and inspirational activities.


Be Your Own (S)expert: A 6 Hour RetreatMEOLA-28

A workshop for women interested in examining female sexuality in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Please send an email to to be on the contact list for dates.

Retreat description:

I’ve transitioned my popular 3 month course into a 6 hour, one day retreat . If you are interested in starting the examination of female sexuality on a general and personal level, this workshop is for you! With tons of laughter and many ‘a-ha’ moments, I’ll guide you through my intentional journey towards self empowered sexual agency. Sexuality includes but extends so far beyond sexual behavior. The atmosphere for the workshop is fun, positive, personal and safe. Women of all ages over 18 welcome. *There is no sexual activity or nudity as a part of this retreat. Retreat is discussion based.

Be Your Own (S)expert: A Weekend Retreat

A retreat for women interested in examining female sexuality in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Please send an email to to be on the contact list for dates.

Retreat description:

If you are ready to make an investment in your wonderful, sexual self then this is the weekend for you. I’ve taken my crazy popular 3 month course “Restructuring Female Sexuality” and transposed it into a 3 day heavenly retreat. Join me for a fun, enlightening journey into examining and redefining female sexuality on a general and personal level. Enjoy the personal attention only I can provide while sharing the experience with a group of lovely ladies. You will laugh, you will cry, you will grow. You won’t want to leave! I’ve created a safe and inclusive environment in with lunch and gourmet dinner included. Retreat begins Friday morning and concludes Sunday afternoon. Women of all ages over 18 are welcome.

*There is no sexual activity or nudity as a part of this workshop. Workshop is discussion based.

A Supergirl’s Guide To Sexual Agency: A 6 Hour Retreat

A retreat for teenage young women interested in examining female sexuality in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Please send an email to to be on the contact list for dates.

Girls between the age of 15-17

Girls between the age of 13-15

*There is no sexual activity or nudity as a part of this workshop.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.09.25 PMWork with me one on one. Through my coaching program you will see results in your sexual life and transformations as an empowered woman!

I’ve created a coaching program to help you achieve your desired goals:

Each one begins with 1 (One) 45-Minute Complimentary Clarity Call that will help us sift through which package best serves you.

One, Three or Nine Months Package


  • 1 (One) Two-Hour Goal-Setting Intensive
  • 60-Minute Sexuality Coaching Sessions (via Skype or phone)
  • Be Your Own (S)expert Welcome Packet
  • E-mail Support Between Sessions …for those days when you need that extra love and support
  • Exclusive Materials: Worksheets, questionnaires, and Inspirational activities,
  • Schedule your complimentary 45-minute Clarity Call TODAY and begin seeing transformations in your sexual life and as an empowered woman!
BodySex by Betty Dodson - Be Your Own (S)expert Style

MEOLA-13I have been lucky enough to train with the one and one Betty Dodson-pioneer of female orgasm and pleasure. She is one of a kind! I worked with her and her partner, Carlin Ross, and am certified to teach her legendary BodySex workshops.

I offer one day BodySex workshops and two day BodySex Retreats. For more information on the content of the workshops and retreats as well as the dates, please contact me at


morris_juliana-300-web_lg_SQDr. Juliana has given hundreds of speeches and talks at universities, professional conferences and self help groups. She has spoken to small groups to crowds of thousands. If you are interested in having her speak with your company, university, event or conference, please send inquiry to Include

Dates, times, participant size, topic request, contact information , if needed, a request for PR packet.

VITAE Juliana M. Morris, Ph.D.  2016



Living Beyond Infertility: A Woman’s Infertility Retreat

I designed a special retreat for women dealing with infertility. Please send an email to to be on the contact list to learn more about dates and locations of these workshops.

Retreat description:

Infertility presents itself to women in many forms. It requires women to face a lot of decisions and experience many profound emotions. In our current society, many women suffer through infertility silently as it is often not recognized as a ‘valid grief’. Join me in a one-day retreat that focuses on forming a safe and supportive community in which to

examine and reflect on the journey of infertility. The retreat will be positive, fun and interactive. Women who have experienced infertility in their past or currently experiencing it are welcome to sign up.


What Now? A Men’s Infertility Workshop

I’ve designed a special workshop for men dealing with infertility personally or with his partner. Please send an email to to be on the contact list when further details are set.

Workshop description:

Infertility is a growing medical diagnosis in our country yet support for those going through the infertility journey has not grown with the expanding need. Men, in particular, are often an underserved group in the world of infertility. Dr. Morris’ workshop will focus on men who face have or are facing their own infertility issues as well as those who are supporting a partner going through infertility. Topics discussed will include the personal, emotional, sexual and financial impact of infertility, what to expect in the journey, and how to logistically and emotionally support your partner while still living a normal day to day life. The workshop will be fun, positive and interactive.